You guys, I’m so EXCITED!!! This is my first official ‘Laura List.’ I’m always sharing what enriches my life in little or big ways, but to have a place where it all lives makes me really happy. So here is my July curated list of what’s giving me life right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by and checking out what’s going on. I’m so honored to have you!



Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum

Opti Crystal is insanely cool and unique, but most importantly effect. It’s a liquid crystal eye serum that is iridescent! It’s ultra-hydrating, helps with dark circles, sagging and fine lines. It plumps your under eyes and makes you look fresh and awake. When you put your makeup on top of the eye serum it gives you this brightening effect and now I’m addicted to it!


Cosmedix DEFINE Age-Defying Treatment

Cosmedix is a skincare brand I love and DEFINE is literally my favorite Retinol product right now. It is a triple hydroxy acid cocktail for you skin. It exfoliates, evens skin tone, tightens, tones and helps reduce wrinkles. One of the reasons I love it is it does not irritate or make my skin red and peely like other retinols have. I wake up and cannot believe how good it makes my skin look. I am crazy about this product!


Zara Raw Edge Denim Jacket

When I bought this jacket I didn't realize I would love or wear it this much! If you're looking for a fun denim jacket to throw on with everything get this ripped Zara jacket. It’s a great price and super comfy. It runs a little big so size down. I have an XS.


Wearlizer Slim Leather Apple Watch Band

How cute is this band on my apple watch? I love that it makes the watch a little bit more stylish vs sporty. Ya know… the sporty bands don’t look good with everything and I like wearing my watch at all times because I’m being a psycho about my tracking all of my activity. The good news is that the band is less than $15 dollars and it comes in so many different colors. I generally like a more masculine watch and do not like thin bands at all however there is something about this combo that I love!


Laced Hair Extensions

Let me count the ways I love Laced… My first love was with their clip-in hair extension. Talk about the perfect test drive to hair extensions. I test drove my clip-in extensions for two years (LOL) until I graduated to Hand-Tied Wefts. That’s what I have now and I love it. They last about 8-10 weeks and then I get them moved up. It’s so easy and they look natural and beautiful! I cannot say enough about Laced Hair or the founder Lacy.


How I Built This Podcast by Guy Roz

This is my favorite podcast. I have listened to it since the very beginning.It is a podcast ‘about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealist- and the movements they built.’ It’s extremely inspiring, interesting and honest. Listening to it always evokes a lot of emotion out of me. Many episodes have made me cry because the stories are so moving and others really motivate me. I love the way Guy Roz interviews his guests. He has a way of handling a conversation in the most beautiful way. He’s incredible. To say im obsessed with this podcast is an understatement.


Secco Wine Santa Lucia Toscano

I LOVE wine which is old news. What I don’t love is how certain wines give me a headache or hangover. It’s all the sugar, chemical and nitrates that are in a lot of wines that make me sick, but I found a solution slash wine miracle! Now we can sip without all the sugar or chemicals. Secco Wines shows you exactly what’s in your wine just like food labels. They also have zero added sugar or chemicals, are non GMO, Vegan and Gluten free. They sent me some wine two years ago because they knew I was a wine lover. I liked all of them and loved knowing it wasn’t full of sugar! I’ve been ordering from them ever since! My favorite red is the Santa Lucia Toscano. Use code laura20 at checkout.


Lipstick Queen

This lipstick took me by surprise. When I bought it, I knew I would like it I just didn’t know how much. Saint Bare Nude is this really pretty light nude color that looks great alone or can be layered with other lipsticks. Its ultra hydrating and reminds me of a gloss except it's not. I always keep it in my purse and never take it out. If you are looking for a great hydrating nude lipstick that’s perfect for running errands or going out this is the one!


Current Elliott Muscle Tee Tank

This is my favorite tank of all time. I could wear it every day… what am I saying, I basically do. If you need a basic, but super cute tank that you can wear alone or layer this is the one and only. The cut, fabric, fit is all perfection. I need it in every color!


Paige Verso Strappy Cage Sandal

Okay not only are these shoes sexy and stylish, but they are so comfortable it’s crazy. I was apprehensive in getting them because I thought they were pricey, but I have to say they are worth every penny. It’s rare to find the perfect heel height, sexy style all while being comfortable. Usually you find the perfect heel and your feet are broken half way through the night. It’s the worst. No dogs will be barking in these heels!


Nike Epic Lux

My husband has a major Nike addiction and it rubbed off on me. These are my favorite workout pants right now and I basically live in them. Don’t you love the detail at the bottom?! They are lightweight and very comfortable. I run, weight train and do whatever else in them. Get’em trust me!


AGOLDE Sophie High Rise Skinny Crop Jeans

I don't have a photo of myself in these jeans and this picture doesn't do them justice. However I’m really picky about jeans and I love these. They look good from the front and the back, which is hard to find at least for me. They are so comfortable and I love the color. You can dress them up or down, but they are more casual for sure. They are a really good summer jean. I’m really liking AGOLDE everything at the moment!


Ulla Johnson Pleated Dress

I can’t handle this dress. It’s so beautiful and feminine. I wore it to a wedding Carl and I went to in Connecticut and I can’t wait to wear it again! I have never had so many compliments on a dress either. I really like all of Ulla Johnson's pieces, but her dresses especially. She is a New Yorker, but her design reminds me of some of the Australian designers I love. If you need something great for a special occasion check her out.


Bolsius Floating Candles

If you read my OG List then you already know how I feel about tea lights and if you haven’t go check it out. I’m all about good lighting and ambiance, among other things. I love having floating candles especially in the summer. Whether it’s on the dinner table, patio, entryway, bedroom… it’s so chic and always set the right mood. Ya know?


Journey To The Heart by Melody Beattie

I have shared this book a lot over the past three years. It was given to my husband Carl as a gift, but ended up being the best gift for me. It has 365 meditations or as I like to say ‘a daily message for you.’ What I love about this book is that you can read it every day or pick it up when you feel inspired to or feel like you need some guidance. It’s really powerful how it will show up for you and is exactly what you needed to hear. Other times it’s just a really beautiful way to start your day.