Can you believe it’s August? I feel like it should still be May... time’s flying! Seeing as how we’re in the months of showing more skin this list includes my holy grail self-tanning items. YAY! I’ve been extra excited to share them with you because now you can rock the Aussie Bombshell glow. I hope you find something helpful or that you love. Thank you for being here!



Schutz Kahritah Wedge Sandal

If I had to pick one shoe label to wear it would probably be Schutz. I love everything they do. I needed good summer sandals that I could dress up or down. I fell in love with this wedge. I love the color of it and style. I don’t like all wedges some are too bulky for my taste, but I love how feminie these are! They look great with jeans, shorts and dresses. Another win with Schutz.


Saint Jane Luxury CBD Facial Oil

Where do I start with Saint Jane Beauty… This brand really nailed it on all accounts. The luxury branding is next level and so are the products. This is one of my favorite CBD brands. I can’t get enough of the Luxury CBD Facial Oil. It has such a nice calming smell and it super nourishing, but not oily. It has a perfect finish to it. I’m obsessed with the way my skin looks after I use it. I put it all over my face, neck and decollete. It’s 100% clean and made in California with 500mg full spectrum CBD and 20 botanicals with performance-driven benefits. Need I say more?! I also have their microdose lipgloss in Remedy.


Ana Luisa Necklaces

I’ve been wearing these two Ana Luisa necklaces on repeat lately and have had several people ask where I got them. I love finding cool new jewelry brands. This is Stella & Brooke necklace and I love wearing them alone and layering them. The jewellery is really high quality and their products come from the same jewelers as Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton. There is nothing worse than having jewelry turn your skin green! You're safe and green-free with Ana Louise. Use code MML10 at checkout!


Gucci Dupe Oversized Square Sunglasses

If I find a pair of sunglasses that I really love I don’t mind spending the money on them, but it’s nice to find a good dupe and not break the bank too. My friend Tanissa from Australia told me about these and they look identical to the real Gucci ones. I think they’re really fun for summer. What’s great about them is if you sit on them or lose them you won’t have a breakdown. They are under $15 dollars and so far cute on everyone. They also come in about seven different frame colors, I chose tortoise.


Maison Du Soir Sleepwear

I’m a sucker for really great sleepwear! I love wearing stylish yet comfortable pajamas and robes. One of my favorite brands is a label designed and made in Los Angeles, Maison Du Soir. I want every single piece she makes, it’s a problem. I recently got a short and tank set- the Petty Tank & Peony Short. The shorts are pictured and they also have a T-shirt option if you prefer that over a tank. I LOVE it, even more than I thought I would. I ordered another print because I’m so obsessed. The fit is very flattering and it’s perfect for summer. If you’re looking for high quality sleepwear Maison Du Soir is the ticket. And you guys she’s offering 30% OFF to you!! Use code LAURA30 at checkout.


Aussie Bombshell Gradual Tan

I have been talking about this self tanner for awhile, but it’s never been available in the US until now. Ahhhhhh. It’s so exciting! This is hands down the most beautiful self tanner you will ever use. The color is the perfect golden brown it looks like you got touched by the real sun. Even my husband will say, that’s the Aussie self tanner isn't it, because there is a noticeable difference in the outcome. On top of the color being perfect it does not transfer color onto your sheets! I’m serious. It’s insane. Aussies know how to do bronzed skin the right way. As I’ve mentioned before, I consider myself a self tanning connoisseur. I take this very seriously!



Do you floss on the daily? If you don’t maybe this Coconut infused luxury dental floss will entice you to do it. I have always liked cinnamon dental floss, but when I saw Cocofloss and all the delicious flavors I had to try it. It’s so good! I bought Strawberry, but they also have Watermelon, Cara Cara Orange, Fresh Coconuts, Mint, Mint and coconuts. I really like the texture of the floss and the taste. I’m hooked. I’m going to get watermelon and Coco and Mint next. You should try it out. I mean, who doesn't want luxury dental floss.


Korean Exfoliating Wash Cloth

You will never need another exfoliating sponge, mitt or anything else once you try these. They are the least fancy beauty tool you’ll ever own, but the most effective. I went to a Korean bath house and they used these cloths on me during the treatment. When I got home I immediately googled to find out where I could buy them. They are so inexpensive and work so well. You put them on, get them wet and put a little shower gel or soap on them and exfoliate away. It is the only thing that takes off all my self tanner. Give them a try.


Skinerals Self Tanning Back Wand

Because I’m an expert in self tanning (HA!) I’m sharing two tools that will change your life when it comes to applying self tanner. The hardest part about applying self tanner is being able to reach your back. You either throw out your neck and back trying and not succeeding or you have to get someone to help you apply it, which isn’t convenient. These two tools (see below for the other one) have saved me! I have both, but I don’t think you need both. I would choose whichever one you think will be easiest for you to use. The first one is the Skinerals Back Wand. This is very easy to use and clean. You put the self tanner on the sponge and apply it to your back. Its so easy its stupid.


Skinerals Padded Microfiber Back Applicator

The second one (see above for the first one) is the Skinerals Microfiber Back Applicator. This is also very easy to use. You put the self tanner in the middle of the applicator and then take both handles and wipe it on your back the way the girl is demonstrating. To clean it you can throw it in the washing machine or hand wash it and hang dry. The reason why I purchased this one as well is because its perfect for travel. Its way easier to pack a microfiber cloth then it is a big wand. Ha!


Bare Minerals Original Foundation SPF 15

I have not used anything Bare Minerals for years, but every time I saw this friend of mine I asked her what foundation she was wearing. She said, Bare Minerals powder foundation every time. I finally broke down and purchased the foundation, in Soft Medium 11. I use it as my finishing powder and it's one of those products you wonder why you stopped using. It covers beautifully and gives you this luminous glow. You can also take a small brush and use it to cover blemishes as well. I forgot how incredible the Bare Mineral products are.


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine

OMG you guys this was the best surprise. I was given this lip gloss in a gifting bag I received at an event I recently attended. I didn't think I would like it, but tried it on and was dying. It’s so amazing! It reminds me of my Buxom White Russian Lip Gloss without the tingly sensation part. The color is Ballet Pink and it’s the nudish pink colored gloss in the photo. I have used it every day and truly love it. Its really hydrating and has Hyaluronic acid. It’s a lip product that I will repurchase before I run out. Not even kidding. Who knew… well done Neutrogena!


Silicone Facial Cupping Therapy Set

There really is something about cupping. Have you ever tried it? If you haven't you won't believe it until you do because then you will see and feel the difference it makes in your skin. I’m telling you not only does it feel good, but your skin looks tightened, toned and healthy afterwards. Facial Cupping promotes collagen production, strengthens facial tissue and improves blood and oxygen circulation to your face.It also helps with puffiness and dark circles. This might be the least expensive investment you'll make on your face that has the biggest return. Not including the tinkle razor of course.


Headspace App

Do you guys have trouble falling asleep? The last few months I have really struggled with it and I usually don’t. My husband Carl has been even worse. I’ve tried melatonin and all that jazz, but none of it works for me. Actually that’s not true, Sleep Zzz’z works great, but I don't want to have to take something every night to sleep. Our friend told us about the sleep function on the Headspace app. I have used the app for meditation, but never for sleep. Guys, its sooo good. It has totally helped! Think of it almost as white noise except someone is talking to you and there are white noise sounds in the background. It’s so calming and puts you right to sleep. My favorite one is Desert Campfire. It has crackling fire sounds and it just mesmerizes me. Which is ironic because I do not like camping. Ha! If you have a restless mind give it a try!


Never Split the Difference

You know when you read a book and afterwards you feel lucky to have read it? I feel that way about this book. It was written by Chris Voss a former international hostage negotiator for the FBI. He makes the point that life is a series of negotiations and teaches principles on how to use your emotional intelligence, intuition and tactics to take your negotiation skills to the next level in your professional and personal life. The hostage negotiation stories he shares are so fascinating. I could list many reasons why I love it, but just read it. Promise.

Angela Fales