I’m so excited about this list! I recently went on a trip and brought along some game changing items that I’m sharing with you. There are some real goodies in here for travel and everyday life. I’m also sharing some of my newest beauty finds that I’m obsessing over.



Perpetual Shade Wired Head-wraps

I’m majorly in love with these headwraps! These are very chic, stylish and you can get creative with how you wear them. They are perfect to wear around your head like a traditional headband, but you can make a cute knot at the top or there are several ways to wear around your ponytail. You can also use them for a topknot or bun. Everyone needs at least one in their life. I couldn’t decide so I have like ten of them, but you definitely need a velvet and printed one for sure. They also have the best scrunchies too! AND Perpetual Shade is giving you 15% OFF your entire purchase. Use code LAURA15 at checkout.


Plaisir de Grasse Sensual Mist

Wanna turn it up a notch or two (...possibly ten) in the bedroom?! Well then say hello to great sex in a bottle. Plaisir de Grasse luxury intimacy oil is my newest obsession and all I have to say is, wow! It’s made of 9 ingredients, all plant based and organic. It has 100% pure CBD, organic coconut oil, exotic edible (yes, edible!) essence and the most sexy scent ever. It’s delicious in every way and you don’t have to worry about the CBD it’s non-psychoactive (no THC) and it’s legal. However it feels so good it should be illegal. Ha! The combination of ingredients coupled with the CBD when applied topically will decrease stress and increase sensitivity and blood flow. Think warm, wet, tingling, pulsating… you get it. You should purchase immediately!


Top Tote

Now this is a brilliant invention! Top Tote was born because we’ve all got issues carrying around our hats and especially when traveling. Last month when I was leaving on vacation my husband said, don’t take your hats it's too much of a hassle carrying them around. Well not anymore! You attach the Top Tote to your bag and then your hat clips in and you’re hands free. There are two types of Top Totes, one you attach to your luggage (lifesaver!) and one you can attach to any bag or purse. I love the design and the metal, leather combos they have. This is such a practical and cool product!


Nuori Vital Foaming Cleanser

Guys this cleanser is so amazing. My friend Keri was staying at my house and we were in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I asked her, “what is on your face and why does it look so good?” It was Nuori Cleanser. It looked like she had this hydrating cream on that made her skin look insanely good and glow-y. It’s almost like a treatment and cleanser in one. So you put the foaming cleanser on your skin and it turns into this creamy dream on your face and after you rinse it off your skin still looks incredible. After I used it once I ordered it immediately. Not only is this product incredible, but Nuori is all about Fresh skincare. They put batch numbers on their products like an expiration date because they do not put any chemicals in them that allow for a long shelf life. I’m extremely impressed with this brand and in love with their cleanser.

Untitled design-20.jpg

PMD Clean Pro RQ

Now this is a facial tool that gets my approval and is next level in every way! It’s a facial cleansing device except it’s also anti-aging because of its SonicGlow™ and ActiveWarmth™ technology. Basically while you’re washing your face you’re getting this incredible facial massage that all while making you feel so good it’s breaking down dirt and oil in your pores at 7,000 vibrations per minute (wow!) while operating at a perfect frequency to lift, firm, and tone the skin. So heat and vibration equal killer combo for the face. Plus the Rose Quartz in it is brilliant! So much yes with the Clean Pro.


Bardot Tote

by Adorne

Adorne is a handbag brand based in Los Angeles and their bags are handwoven by female artisans in Bali! I’ve been using my Bardot tote from Adorne all summer long. You know when you get something because you like it, but don’t realize how functional and versatile it is until afterwards? That’s what happened with the Bardot. It’s the perfect mid size bag that you can take to the beach and to dinner. It also has a detachable shoulder strap, which I love. Adorne has the round structured crossbody bags that are popular in a few different colors. You have to check them out.


Evio Skin Wipes

I went to an event where the founder of Evio spoke and she shared her story on how she started this brand while living in a shelter. She went from being penniless to being extremely successful. Her story was so inspiring and it made me really emotional. She gifted us all a package of her wipes and when I got home and used the multi-tasking wipes, I was blown away by how good they are. They’re made with hemp fibres and are infused with cannabis sativa seed oil to reduce inflammation and avoid irritation. They are hydrating and remove waterproof makeup so easily. I’m so impressed, they are the end all be all of facial wipes. Oh and they are also biodegradable!


Arlo Tech Pouch

How did I live without this? Oh that’s right I was living in cord, charger, hard drive, headphones, adapter chaos. Anyone else? All the cords make me crazy. Not anymore now that all my accessories are nice and organized in one place. I want my entire life to look like my Tech Pouch, ya know. Dagne Dover has the most smart and chic designs that keep your life organized. I’m seriously so impressed. I only have the Tech pouch, but I want like five other items. Everyone needs one of these and it comes in two different sizes, small and medium.


Luli Fama One Piece

This is one of my favorite swimming suits ever. I’ve heard Luli Fama suits are really flattering on and I can confirm, it’s true. Not only are they flattering, but they’re also comfortable and high quality. The fabric holds you in and keeps everything in place. I’ve never had a swimming suit like this before, but it’s really fun and sexy. It’s called the Orillas Del Mar One Piece and it comes in a few different colors. The color I picked is the perfect mustard yellow color. Love it!


Rubber Ducky SPF

Always and forever, we know SPF is a must! I have a handful of favorites that I’ve loved over the years. However when I was recently on vacation, I asked my sweet beauty connoisseur friend what SPF she was wearing? She informed, its ‘Rubber Ducky’ It’s all natural, it’s the best protection, and it’s around ten bucks (on amazon). And, not that it matters, but fun fact... Lady Gaga uses it too. I purchased it and highly approve. To get a high quality, all natural (which is really important to me) SPF for around ten dollars is unheard of…such a win!


Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I received this in a gift bag from a really awesome event I attended. When I took it out and sprayed it, it smelled so good so I set it on my night stand and have used it every night since. This is something I probably wouldn’t have bought, but isn’t that the best when you’re given something you end up loving and it really works! Speaking of which the name of the brand This Works, fitting. I’m almost out and I am going to get more for sure. The Pillow Spray is supposed to help you relax and fall asleep. It’s a superblend of aromatherapeutic Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile that calm both mind and body. It will soothe you to sleep. It makes me feel like I’m pampering myself everytime I spray it.


Bagail Packing Cubes

I have always heard people rave about how great packing cubes are, but never used them until now. I am genuinely trying to be better at packing for trips. It’s one of my downfalls. I keep thinking I’ll improve, but I’m still really bad. I told Carl I’ve definitely improved 21% but still have major work. Anyway I ordered this set of 6 packing cubes (3 different sizes) from amazon to use and help with my packing problems. I do think it helps actually. I will always use them especially the smallest size. I loved having all of my underwear and bras in one cube. It really helps you be and stay organized while you’re traveling. Another thing I like is it protected my nicer clothes. I packed a few really nice pants and silk dresses and to know they were perfectly folded and protected in one cube was amazing. These are definitely helping on my pursuit to becoming an excellent packer.


Current Elliott The Short CG Tee

Current Elliott basics are everything. I know the price point is higher, but they last and stay looking nice forever. All of their tops are very flattering and comfy. I wish I had every t-shirt and muscle tank in every color. I’ve had this top for a couple of months and it is the perfect cropped tee. It fits so cute, hangs perfectly and is the best shade of red. I also love a little distressed look to a tee. I’ve been wearing it with cut-off shorts all summer. And bonus… it’s on sale now!


Sal de IBIZA Mediterranean Salt

I’ve been using the Sal De Ibiza Hot Chili Salt for a long time. I really like this brand, everything they do is so good! Their nuts, chips, chocolates, herbs and spices are all delicious. I just went to Ibiza... pinch me now I still can’t believe it. When I was there I bought the Mediterranean Salt which was so cool to me because I’ve always ordered their products, but was able to buy one in Ibiza! I have to say I love this as much as my Hot Chili one which is saying a lot. It’s 60% salt and a blend of basil, rosemary and oregano. Yum! I’ve put it on salads, vegetables, grilled meat and fish. It made my salad and vegetables next level!

Laura Armstrong