Welcome to the Brow Bible, my master list of everything eyebrows!

I will be continually adding items here as I find anything else you must-have to keep you rocking your Best Brow, ever! P.S. Nothing is sponsored, these are items I’ve used for years and swear by. 



Disposable Eyelash Brushes

I always have disposable eyelash (eyebrow) brushes on hand. After I apply brow gel or powder and if I feel like I got a little to aggressive with it I will take one and lightly brush through my eyebrows to get rid of some of the excess color. They really help with finessing the look of your eyebrows. As a professional Eyebrow Artist I use these all day long in my consultations and appointments.


Poen Stork Brow Shaping Scissors

I have used these scissors and the Tweezerman Stork scissors forever. I like the size (3.6 inches) and they are really easy to control. As a professional I have both this size and shape of scissors and the ones pictured below. However I use the Stork scissors far more than the other short ones. While we are on the topic of scissors I don't recommend people trimming their own eyebrows, let the professionals keep them maintained.


Coobbar Eyebrow Trimmer Scissors

These have been great short blade scissors and I do think it’s good to have both sizes of scissors on hand. I have used several different brands over the years when it comes to the short blade scissors. I bought these because I thought the color was fun and luckily they ended up being great quality as well.


Rubis Tweezers

These are the end all be all for me. I’ve tried so many different tweezers, but these always win. I know this goes without saying but, having high quality, really good tweezers is beyond important, especially when you’re using them professionally. I do think everyone has their personal preference when it comes to tweezers and you should use what works best for you. The reason I love these particular Rubis tweezers is the weight and thickness of the handle and tip. The 3.75” Slanted tip is what I’ve found works best for me.

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Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster Serum

I think it’s extremely important to treat the skin post waxing or tweezing. Some people are prone to breaking out and you should always soothe, disinfect and treat the skin afterwards. One of my favorite products to do that with is Eminence Clear Skin Serum. It has tea tree and willow bark in it which helps calm, detox and purify the skin. It helps prevent breakouts and heal irritation. It’s really incredible for post-treatment!


Maybelline Brow Drama

One of my all time fave Brow products! Maybelline really outdid themselves with this one. The amount of gel on the brush is really nice, but what really sets it apart is the ball on the end of the brush. It’s so inventive and totally works! You’re able to grab all the hairs and give them a little color and shape. Beside the product and brush being great, the price point is too. My favorite is the Dark Brown. If you are looking for a clear brow gel this one is great in clear as well.


Glossier Boy Brow

I like Boy Brow because it gives your brows structure in this really pretty way. The formulation is like a matte pomade and it works really well to feather and help make your brows look more full. I think this product is really easy to use so if you are new to brow gels this is a good one to try. It comes in four colors brown, black, blonde and clear. I think the brown color is actually a good universal color. I’ve used it on so many different shades of hair and it looks great on most everyone. If you want a clear brow gel this is a great one.


Benefit Gimme Brow

Gimme Brow is similar to Boy brow as the brush is basically the same and they both make your brows appear more full. The consistency of the product is different as well as the coloring. The colors are more pigmented and I think this gives you a really nice bold brow and adds a nice texture to your brows. It comes in eight different shades and I’ve been using the neutral deep brow shade because I like my brows dark.


Anastasia Brow Duo

This is still one of my favorite brow powders. I think it’s easy to use and blends well with your real eyebrows. You can create a nice natural look or a more bold, dramatic look with this product. It’s really great to use if you have places on your brows that aren’t as full as you’d like. It helps fill them in and look more full. It comes in eleven different shades and it lasts forever. I use Taupe and Medium Brown.

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Anastasia Brow Wiz

I love this product to fill in places where you have holes in your eyebrows or there is a spot that is really sparse and won’t grow hair. It goes on really nice and blends well. You can use it to fill in your entire brow as well as spot treating. I like that it has a brush on one end because once you fill in your brows going over it with the brush afterward gives it the perfect finish and blends it all in and makes it look natural!


Babe Lash

This is my favorite lash and brow growth serum. It’s called lash serum, but you can use it for both. Any growth serum for your lashes you can use on your brows as well. I’ve had so many clients have great success using this and I personally have too. If you can’t get your eyebrows to grow you should definitely give this a shot.


Urban Decay Brow Blade

I really like Brow Blade because it has microblade ink stain on one end and a waterproof pencil on the other. Microblading is so big right now and the ink stain was designed to give you that microblade look without the commitment! It creates these perfect hair-like strokes that add dimension. The pencil end is a lot like Brow Wiz, it’s easy to use and control. It’s perfect for shaping and filling in areas of your brows that are sparse. It comes in seven different shades. Love Brow Blade!


Milani Brow & Eye Highlighter

There are lots of dual highlighters out there like this one and I’ve bought other higher priced ones from Sephora in the past that I like. However, I recently bought the color 02 Matte Cream/Luminous Lift by Milani and I love it. It’s as good if not better than the higher priced ones. I love the color and consistency of the product. I use it in the corners of my eyes too and it makes them pop. Milani for the win.


MAC Small Angle Brush

I had to include the MAC Angle Brush 266 in my Brow Bible because whatever brow powder I’m wearing I’ve always used this to apply it. I think the combination of the angled shape and stiffness of the brush makes it really easy to use and control. Your angle brush doesn't have to be MAC, but I think it’s important to have one in your makeup kit.

Laura Armstrong