Welcome to my Original Go-To List. I wanted to compile a master list of items that I love, but have already shared on Instagram or my youtube channel. I get messages all the time asking what the name of certain items I have shared in the past are so I wanted to create a place where all of my original (and still) Go-To items live. I will keep adding items as I remember them, but just so you know this list only has items I still use and LOVE. Thank you so much for being here with me and letting me share my life with you!



Innoxa French

Eye Drops

This is the best kept secret that I’m sharing with you. Apparently all the european models use these eye drops to keep the whites of their eyes very white and looking healthy and awake! I’m telling you they really work and I always buy two at a time!


Tizo3 Tinted Mineral Face SPF 40

This is one of my very favorite SPFs. It feels like silk when you apply it and it makes your skin look really beautiful. Sunblock is the most important skin product you’ll own. If you don’t have a favorite yet you’ll have to try this one out!


Lebon Organic Toothpaste

Talk about luxurious toothpaste. Not only is it natural, fluoride free and from france, but the branding, flavors and the product itself is next level. I really love it! All of the flavors are delicious, but I really like the Sweet Extravagance and Whitening toothpaste too. I’ve been using Lebon for a couple of years now and you should definitely try it.


Tinkle Facial Razors

Just say no to a hairy face! Women are not meant to have moustaches, long or fuzzy hair all over their faces. If you haven’t tried the Tinkle Razor on your face you need to immediately. Even if you don't think you're hairy, chances are you're wrong. Give it a go and you will see what I’m saying. It’s exfoliating and your make up looks incredible afterwards. I know everyone has been on the facial razor craze for awhile now, but my friend Michelle introduced me to shaving your face in 2010. We’ve been fuzz-free for a decade.

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Beauty Lab & Laser

There was no way Beauty Lab wasn’t making my list. If you live on Utah or are traveling there this is the Med Spa you need to go to. I still fly there and get my treatments done because they’re that good! Everyone that works there is at the top of their game and I'm obsessed with all of them. I go to Regan for my lips (Mini Lip Plump™), botox and other injections. I also had the ‘O Shot’ done which was incredible in every way. You can read more about that here! I can’t say enough about their customer service, treatments and the experience you’ll have at Beauty Lab. They are definite trendsetters. I’m insanely grateful for them helping me feel more confident!


it Cosmetics Eyelift Concealer

This is one of my favorite concealers. I actually like all of it Cosmetic concealers, but what I love about this one is it has a highlighter on one end and a concealer on the other. The highlighter is very hydrating so it will never make your eyes look dry and crepey. Hallelujah! I always throw it in my purse when I go out because it’s perfect for touch ups too.


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips lipstick in Kidman’s Kiss is one of my favorites. It’s the perfect rosy pink color. It has a matte finish, but its really hydrating and luminous at the same time. It won’t give you that dry cakey look. I also really love the shape of the lipstick because it makes it really easy to apply. I’ve gone through two tubes of it already!


TanWise One Hour Tan

This is one of my favorite self-tanners and the only one I have ever used that actually gives you color in one to two hours. The color is really pretty because it doesn't have any orange tint to it. YAY! It’s also fairly inexpensive compared to other self tanners. So it’s winning on all accounts. And for the record I consider myself a self tanning connoisseur.


Sio Beauty Silicone Pads

This is one of the best inventions, ever! Honestly the first time I woke up and saw the first signs of decollete wrinkles I freaked out. No one should have chest wrinkle or any wrinkles if it were up to me. I know that isn’t possible, however chest wrinkles happen prematurely because of how we sleep. So keep your chest wrinkles at bay and get this immediately. You can check out my video on Sio Beauty here!


Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This has been and probably always will be one of my go-to dry shampoos. It has the best amount of grit that gives my very limp, fine hair some umph!! My favorite way to use it is to first use the TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo and follow it up with this. It’s the perfect double whammy for my hair that I can't live without.


TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo

This is probably my favorite dry shampoo. I always have it and when I start running out I panic. I’m not sure why it works so well on my hair, but it does. It gives it volume and it gets rid of greasy gross hair. I use it right after I style my hair and then follow it up with the Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo. I don't know why but this combination of using both of these products together is dreamy for my hair. It stays looking fresh and volumized for days. I do however reapply each day.


LongChamp Le Pliage Travel Bag

I’ve had this Longchamp bag for years and I still use it all the time. I use for a quick overnight bag or carry on, but my favorite way to use this bag is to bring it with me when I go on vacation and have it on hand in case we shop or if our luggage is overweight or whatever. It folds and buttons up in this really chic way and packs perfectly. We take it every time we are going on a trip and we always end up using it. It’s the BEST bag!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I’ve been using the NYX Lip Cream in Istanbul for year. It’s the perfect clean pink color that I like to always have on hand. I will wear it alone or I layer and mix it with other lipsticks or gloss all the time. It is a moisturizing matte lipstick, which you know I love. The best part about this lipstick is the price point, it’s so inexpensive. It’s a win-win with this lippy.


White Tea Lights

If you know, you know. If you don't… I’m all about romance, ambiance and good lighting. I always have tea lights on hand and I won’t leave town without packing them. I think you should always create the mood whether you’re at home or on vacation. Doesn't matter if you're alone, having a dance party with your friends or with your lover… in any situation tea lights are always a good idea.

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Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eye Liner

This is my go-to black eyeliner I always use for my water line. It’s really small 1.55MM so its easy to use and you’re able to really get in there. Its also waterproof which is essential for a eyeliner that you use for your waterline. The color is Obsidian and it’s under twenty dollars which I appreciate.


MAC Lipstick

I’m sure it seems like I’m a pink lipstick only girl, but that’s definatly not the case. I LOVE a good coral lip. It has to be the right shade of coral though. It needs to be a coral, pinky, nude… you know what i’m saying. This is one of my all time favorite shades, Runway Hit in the Retro Matte collection. It really is perfection and perfect for summer!


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner

Urban Decay Eyeliner in Double Life is one of my faves and I wear it daily. I use on my lid along my lash line. It looks really good alone or with eyeshadow. I usually always wear it alone and I always get so many compliments on it. It makes your eyes pop! If you’re looking for a really great beautiful bronze colored eyeliner get this one!


Cranberry Latex Gloves

This is a must-have beauty tool in my book. I use latex gloves for everything. Taking my nail polish off, applying self tanner, using cleaning products, cutting up meat in the kitchen, the list goes on. Everything I use latex gloves for aren’t categorized as beauty, but they will always keep your hands and self tanner looking beautiful. These are my favorite and I get them is size XS.


Great Lakes Collagen Powder

I have been using this collagen powder for years. It is Hydrolyzed collagen which is the same collagen found naturally in bones, skin and cartilage. I love it because it’s clean and very high quality. It is also hot and cold water soluble so I can put it in my protein shakes, coffee or tea. I feel like it makes my coffee more creamy!

Angela Fales