3 DIY Beauty Uses for Grapefruit

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Grapefruit has the best reputation. Don’t you think?

They are known for their ability to kick-start your metabolism, suppress your appetite and burn fat. They also boost your immune system, increase energy and hydration, reduce cellulite, and my personal favorite, clear your skin. This superfood will work wonders for your skin and body.


Basically what I’m saying is… if you incorporate grapefruit into your daily life you will be walking around burning fat with clear radiant skin all while having more energy and less cellulite. No wonder it has a good rep… right?!


Three ways to use this delicious citrus fruit!

  • Cellulite Cream: Add 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil to 1oz of pure coconut or almond oil and massage on skin where toning and firming is needed. It will reduce cellulite and fat by increasing circulation and detoxifying the skin.
  • Hair Treatment: Wet your hair and rinse with 1 cup of fresh grapefruit juice. It will remove all the excess build up from too much dry shampoo (guilty!) and other products weighing it down. Get the bounce back in your hair.
  • Facial Scrub: Take the juice from half of a grapefruit, 2 tablespoons grape seed oil and half cup sugar. Mix together. Apply to skin in circular motion. Rinse.

Is your skin looking dull?

If you have you have oily or acne prone skin or if you just want to give your skin a boost, make sure to check out our life changing grapefruit products here!


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